Fire and Ice, Part II

Tuesday August 30, 2011

Please check out the new portfolio for my most recent (and most ambitious) piece yet! Fire and Ice, inspired by Robert Frost’s poem of the same name, is an apocalyptic vision of the present state of political divisiveness in the United States. It was a major undertaking, and I would love your feedback. You can also see a short video of me talking about the piece here.

Fire and Ice was on view at the Greater Reston Arts Center from April 28 to June 10 2011, and I am currently looking for other venues to exhibit it. It consists of 98 panels hung on three walls supporting two large canvas ceilings. I spent over a year creating the piece, and could not have done it without the assistance of Kevin Runyon, Lauren Johnston, Erin Sudeck, Kelly Campbell, Justin Terry, Bevin Keefer, all the great people at Greater Reston Arts Center (especially Erica Harrison) and most of all Paul Chuffo.